About Us

For over two decades, Camp Cucumber has provided a week-long summer camp in Ontario’s cottage country, to struggling single mothers on social assistance and their children aged 5-13.

The idea for Camp Cucumber emerged as a result of a very successful Christmas dinner, supported by the Red Cross in the Jane-Finch Community, back in 1990.

For many of our single mom families struggling to make ends meet the camp experience was simply too expensive. Our idea was to provide an opportunity to leave their everyday lives behind, and to experience the joy of nature and friendship in a safe and happy environment

Today, the success of Camp Cucumber’s week long camping experience and annual Christmas dinner is allowing us to go beyond our original mandate of just serving the Jane-Finch community… we welcome families from across the GTA.

Our Mission

To enhance the lives of single mom families struggling with poverty, isolation and abuse, by offering a unique, stress-free weeklong camping experience in northern Ontario, and an annual Christmas celebration dinner to rekindle camp friendships.

Our Core Values

At Camp Cucumber, we believe in a set of core values centering around the concept of FREEDOM. From the moment our families board the bus in Toronto, our goal is to provide them with freedom from the stresses and strains of everyday city life.