Celebrating 25 years of changing lives!

Welcome to Camp Cucumber

100 Volunteer, 100% Committed to transforming the lives of single Mom families.

Are you a single Mom struggling with the demands of making ends meet and raising your children? Do you have a social worker who could assist you in applying for our one week program?

Join us the last week of June for a week of rest, relaxation, and peace in Northern Ontario. Embrace change, meet new friends and challenge yourself to try new experiences while sharing special moments with your kids.

For over two decades, Camp Cucumber has partnered with social workers to offer an exciting one-week sleepover program to struggling single Mom families on social assistance with children aged 5-13. Camp Cucumber enables families to leave their everyday city lives behind. Nestled on a quiet lake in Haliburton, Moms and kids swim and boat, tap into their inner strength on the high ropes and climbing-wall, dance under the stars and, most importantly, make new friends.

Camp Cucumber is a non-profit registered charity, staffed entirely by volunteers and funded by private and corporate donations.

Here’s what happy campers have to say about their experiences at Camp Cucumber…

It’s amazing, since I left camp, from day one, practically everyone I have seen has asked “Haley what is up?  You look great. Vibrant. Energized. HAPPY!

I tell them I went to this fantastic camp called Camp Cucumber.

I tell them the profound change the camp had on me…the women, the program, the directors and counsellors- and the effect on my children.  I had never seen my daughter like that. I tell them about the “Lionheart Award” she received and her growing independence.   About my son’s daily smiles.  And that I had HOPE and was looking forward to things for the first time since I can remember.

I have been in touch with many of the women, some on a daily basis.  I feel like I have a wonderful new group of friends who know what it’s like to feel scared, alone, like you are failing and how you alone are responsible for your children and how they grow up.  Of course, life happens and we all go back to our lives, but what’s changed is that it seems there is a commitment to stay in touch.  

Please pass along this information – I would love the staff to know how everything you all put together has truly CHANGED MY LIFE.

Thank you so much for your great support and efforts to make my dream come true for my kids. My kids enjoyed so much during camping. The activities, food and everything was wonderful and amazing. Thank you very, very much. I will cherish the memories for the rest of my life. It was so good and helps me to renew my energy and refreshes me after meeting so many wonderful moms.

I attended Camp Cucumber probably about 14 years ago. I decided to google you guys and watched some of your videos. I saw a piece where you say “I don’t want them to remember for six months or a year, I want them to remember forever.” I am emailing you to let you know you’re doing an amazing thing, and I will remember Camp Cucumber for the rest of my life. It was an amazing time, and I learned so much thank you and your organization from the bottom of my heart. I would never have had that opportunity to spend that kind of quality time with my family we simply didn’t have the means or even the thought. I have children of my own now, and I make sure camping is something we do every year. I always tell my wife about the memories of Camp Cucumber mind you the name has caused a few laughs and question if it really existed but hey now that I found the website I can put all the doubts to rest. Anyways thank you again.

We want to personally thank you for such a fabulous time last week. Between being fed wonderful meals, sharing moments with new role models, bonding with great new pals and swimming-swimming-swimming (whoohoo!) – we made memories that will forever be embedded in our hearts and minds. THANK YOU, xo.
-Alison and Emmerson